Saturday, 21 October 2017

New .key file update

For some reason, I've made changes to my .key file shortly after uploading v.16 on March 2017.  Change were done to the MAN RANGE and MFD GAIN callbacks and then to the Coolie Switch and Radio Switch swaps.

BMS - FPM by -Ice.key -- put in your /BMS/User/Config directory. This v1.7 of my .key file.

The links to the original profile post also updated to v1.7.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

v4.21S Release

Hello again fellow simmers!
With the release of YAME64 v.1.2.1, new features are available and for this, I've created a new version for my single-screen Helios profile.

Thanks to user feedback from Sharpe, I've implemented the approach plates to all South Korean (and Japanese) airbases.

Changes to this version include:
  • New button images for the System Panel to make them easier to identify
  • CPD button syncs CPD display on/off
  • OSB implementation on CPD
  • Fixed/altered YAME textures

Here are the files for the new profile:
One-screen setup:
Please use the new /Images items to get the new button images.

YAME textures:
  • YAME.7z --  Extract and copy/overwrite the CustomTextures folder into the \YAME64\gauges\CustomTextures folder, copy/overwrite the gear.png file into the \YAME64\gauges folder, and copy/overwrite the Korea KTO.png into the \YAME64\gauges\cp60\maps folder

Friday, 25 August 2017

2nd Test Instrument Approach Implementation

Part 2... Applied to departure and approach plates for Kunsan and Pusan only.

Please post on the BMS thread for any issues or any more suggestions.  Thanks!

-Ice's BMS 4.33 v4.16dS.hpf -- place this on your /Documents/Helios/Profiles directory

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Testing Instrument Approach Implementation

Here is a proof-of-concept to implement a suggestion from Sharpe.  This should allow users to have the approach or departure plates displayed as they fly the instruments into or out of an airbase.  So far, I've only implemented this to work on Kunsan and only to show the approach plates for Runway 18 and Runway 36. 

A quick rundown of how to use it --- open up the CHARTS panel by tapping on the RWR, select KUNSAN, then select either RUNWAY 18 or RUNWAY 36.  Tap on the approach plate to hide the center panel and the right panel.  Tap on the approach plate again to un-hide the panels or tap on the RWR to un-hide the panels.

Please post on the BMS thread for any issues or any more suggestions.  Thanks!

Monday, 17 April 2017

New TARGET profile + layout

Due to the number of requests for this, I have made a "layout" of what is mapped where on the TARGET profile.  I've also cleaned up the profile to make it easier to read.  Please note that the TMS and DMS shifted layers are from Morphine's original work; I've not changed it as I've never used it as a shifted layer and so never bothered with it.  I've also removed all the mappings for the switches on the throttle base except for the FLAPS switch which controls the LG lever in case I need to operate the LG lever without having to look down in the cockpit.

One big change here is that I've re-mapped the MIC switch to control radar elevation and range knob use.  Comms control has been transferred to the COOLIE HAT which is where the comms switch is on the actual F-16 throttle.  The CHINA HAT now controls zoom/FoV levels.

Please feel free to adjust the profile to your preferences and if you have a good idea of mapping a particular callback or function anywhere on the profile, please share your idea and I'll be glad to add it into the default profile.  I'm currently thinking of mapping the screenshot button somewhere so that it'll be easy to take pictures without taking my hands off the controls.

Credit goes to Scotters for bringing Rybo's profile to my attention and also credit to Rybo for the inspiration for the change.

Link on first post updated.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Two-screen setup updated

Noted a small bug in this version, namely that the CPD sync button (small gray button) was not mapped to anything.  Fixed.  Link on first post updated.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Profile not working?

Here are a few things to check if there are any issues with getting my profile to work properly:

1.  Make sure the .key file is loaded in BMS.  To do this, start up BMS, go to SETUP -> CONTROLLERS and click LOAD, select my .key file, and click on LOAD again.  Current Keyfile should say BMS - FPM by -Ice and the very first line should show v1.6.  Click APPLY a few times, then OK.

2.  Make sure the .key file is loaded in Helios.  To do this, start up Helios Profile Editor, load the profile, select the PROFILE EXPLORER tab and scroll down until you can see FALCON.  Double-click on FALCON and a new tab should appear called FALCON.  Make sure the Key File points to the proper location of the .key file.

3.  RWR not showing up properly?  The YAME .xml file isn't pointing to the proper location.  Open the .xml file via Notepad++ and line 306 (line 340 on the two-screen .xml file) shows the info for the RWR settings.  Line 313 (line 347 on the two-screen .xml file) tells YAME where to look for the RWR image.  Change this line as appropriate.
<RWR zindex="4">
    <window>RIGHT SCREEN</window>
This should be how the RWR should be set up in YAME:

More to be added as issues get identified....